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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Driving Daddy

Driving Daddy by Hope Vestergaard
Illustrated by Thierry Courtin

It may seem a bit early to be developing your child’s comprehension of texts, but the truth is: it isn’t! Of course, don’t turn these questions into a quiz show, just had fun searching for the answers together, and looker deeper than you might otherwise!


  1. Tell where the family is going.
  2. List all the colors on one page.


  1. Why does daddy have a mess in his hair?
  2. Who do they see along the way?


  1. Why does baby want to hurry?
  2. How does baby get Daddy to stop?


  1. Which picture is your favorite?
  2. Which page is your favorite? Are they the same? Do you like words better on one page?

Multiple Intelligence Projects for
Driving Daddy by Hope Vestergaard
Illustrated by Thierry Courtin

Verbal/ Linguistic:

Take a walk to the park or other nearby spot, and on the way make a list of all the things you see. Then, when you get home again, flip through old magazines and try to find pictures of everything you saw on your walk.


Play the phonemic awareness game below!

Visual/ Spatial

Using the magazines and the pictures you found from your walk create a neighborhood mural. Cut out objects from the neighborhood, and then fill in with drawings of what you saw during your walk.


Supplies:  small cars, paint, pie pan, paper, tub, dish soap, toothbrushes

Directions:  Fill pie pans with different colors of paint. Let the children drive matchbox cars through the paint and onto paper. When finished they can wash their cars in the car wash. Use a tub of soapy water and toothbrushes.

Mathematical/ Logical

Tape off parking spots on the carpet with masking tape. Identify each spot with a number, then have kids park the same number of matchbox cars in that spot. Or, take small squares of tape and match one number with parking space number. Have kids match numbers to park their vehicles.


Count them up! Flip through Driving Daddy and on each page count the number of items. For example, there are four shoes on this page, one puppy, on tree and 18 flowers!

Musical Rhythmic:

Sing to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb:
Daddy is my favorite car
favorite car
favorite car
Daddy is my favorite car
all the way to the park!

I love to drive my favorite car
favorite car
favorite car
 I love to drive my favorite car
and his name is Dad-dy!

Body/ Kinesthetic:

 Here’s a fun fingerplay about your job as winshield wiper on Daddy’s car!

I'm a windshield wiper
(bend arm at elbow with fingers pointing up)
This is how I go
(move arm to left and right, pivoting at elbow)
Back and forth, back and forth
(continue back and forth motion)
In the rain and snow.
(continue back and forth motion)


Make a simple book based on where your family likes to go. Mommy likes to go to the _______________. Daddy likes to go to___________ Baby likes to go _________. Brother/ sister likes to go to _________. Together we all like to go _____________. Have older sibs draw pictures, or take real photographs of the family at their favorite spot!


Reread Driving Daddy, but this time really focus on the rhyming words on each page. Then, try to think of another word or two (or even a nonsense word) that would also rhyme. ( This develops phonemic awareness, a building block to literacy)

In the Kitchen:

Make Daddy Cars: Take a graham cracker and ice with vanilla icing (you can color it the same as Daddy’s real car for fun!) Then, use half of Oreo type cookies, to create wheels.  Share with your favorite car- I mean, Dad!


for Driving Daddy by Hope Vestergaard
Illustrated by Thierry Courtin

Write the number of sounds you hear in each word. As you say each word really overemphasize each sound. Example: TttttttRrrrrrrEEEEE= 3 sounds. This helps children develop phonemic awareness- a building block to literacy!

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