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Cousins of Clouds
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Eeek! Creak! Snicker Sneak

Teacher’s Guide

Eek! Creak! Snicker Sneak

by Rhonda Gowler Greene
Illustrated by Jos. A. Smith


Just by reading the title and looking at the cover art decide what you think the story is about. What time of year do you think it is? What time of day?  How would you describe those two characters on the cover?


  1. When do Bugbear and Bugaboo come out?
  2. What do they like to do?


  1. Describe Bugbear.
  2. Describe Bugaboo.


  1. Name some of the sounds that they make.
  2. What things do they use to scare you?


  1. Why do grownups not believe in Bugbear and Bugaboo?
  2. How would this story be different if Bugbear or Bugaboo wrote the story?


  1. Do you think, that when you’re an adult you’ll tell your children it is nothing too? Why or why not?
  2.  Imagine you were going to scare them away. Where at your house would you hide? What would you say?


  1. Where do you think they go next?
  2. Which page is your favorite? Why?

Multiple Intelligence Projects
for Eek! Creak! Snicker Sneak
by Rhonda Gowler Greene
Illustrated by Jos. A. Smith

Verbal/ Linguistic

Create your own two tricksters. What do they look like? What do they do? Who do they bother?  Fill out this chart:

They ________________.
They ________________.
They make their plans
while ___________________ rubbing their __________ hands.


Create a wanted poster (seen below) for either or both Bugbear and Bugaboo!

Logical/ Mathematical:

Create a venn diagram comparing Bugaboo to Bugbear. Be as detailed as possible.

Visual/ Spatial

Using magazines cut out a variety of eyes, noses, and mouths. Then glue them on an oval shape. Create your own Bugaboo or Bugbear. You might want to first paint, color, or even glue tissue paper to the base of your monstrous creation!!


Make up hand signals or signs you can use to scare off Bugbear and Bugaboo.

Musical/ Rhythmic:

As the teacher reads aloud the story, clap to the beat of the syllables (great practice for phonemic awareness!). Listen to the rhythm of the words; discuss how it is similar to music.


Eek! Creak! Snicker Sneak deals with a lot of emotions: fear, bravery, concern, and naughtiness.

Pair up with someone, and practice figuring out what that person is feeling based on his or her expressions.

Afterwards, discuss what you could do for someone who is feeling sad or scared or unhappy.


Make a poster of at least five things you can do when you are scared. Draw pictures to go with your list, and then POST by your bed! Be sure to add the title and author’s name to your poster.



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Please Contact:  (Principal’s Name)
At: (School Name)
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