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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Farmer McPeepers and His Missing Milk Cows

Teacher’s Guide for

Farmer McPeepers and His Missing Milk Cows

by Katy S. Duffield
Illustrated by Steve Gray


What does it mean to be “up to no good?” Can you give an example of something kids do to be naughty? What might a cow do?

Comprehension Guide/ Quiz Questions:


  1. What happened to Farmer McPeeper’s glasses?
  2. Describe the farmer and his wife.


  1. Why doesn’t farmer just tell all the cows to go home?
  2. Give at least three examples of what the cows are doing away from the farm.


  1. Predict what happens after the last page.
  2. Create a picture to go with that prediction.


  1. Why do you think the cows left the farm in the first place?
  2. With which cows would you have gone along? Why?


  1. Pretend farmer calls his wife on his cell phone throughout his journey. What does he say to her?
  2. What do you suppose farmer’s chickens are planning?


  1. Which is your favorite illustration in the book? Why did you pick that one?
  2. Do you think the cows should be punished? Why or why not?

Multiple Intelligence Projects for

Farmer McPeepers and His Missing Milk Cows

by Katy S. Duffield
Illustrated by Steve Gray

Verbal/ Linguistic:

If you reread Farmer McPeepers closely for a second time you’ll notice that the author, Mrs. Duffield, uses very vibrant and active verbs to describe what is going on in the story. Make a list of all the verbs in the story on a chart- and then write a new sentence using the word (perhaps as part of your own story about Farmer McPeepers crazy chickens?)

Logical Mathematical

Visual/ Spatial:

The illustrations for Farmer McPeepers are created with cartoon-like figures that have exaggerated features. (Exaggerated features are when an artist draws one part of a figure much larger than another- for effect or for fun). What features are exaggerated in the characters of the story? After studying this element, create your own character (can be another farm animal or something totally new) where you use this technique.

(Teachers: a great bulletin board can be made out of these single sheets by mounting them on a long strip of black bulletin board paper cut down to look like a film strip reel. It will make a striking hallway display!)


Play McPeeper’s Charades! On slips of paper write the following cow scenes from the book. Have students guess what activity the cow is doing. (No props allowed!)

Flying a kite
Watching a movie
Jumping rope
Playing on the jungle gym
Square dancing

Musical/ Rhythmic:

In pairs write a song about the book to the tune of Old MacDonald. Update the lyrics to reflect this more contemporary farming hero!


Write a letter to Farmer McPeepers or to one of his cows.


Draw a picture of what you like to do most on your “time off.”