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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Get Busy Beaver

Get Busy Beaver! By Carolyn Crimi
Illustrated by Janie Bynum

Pre-reading activity:

What kind of chores do have to do around your house? Do you do any of them as a family? (rake leaves, plant flowers, clean the house?) Do some people help more than others?

Comprehension check:


  1. Describe Thelonious.
  2. What are they working on?


  1. What kinds of things does Thelonious like to look at?
  2. What makes them work even harder on their dam?


  1. Predict what Thelonious’ next work might look like.
  2. Create a picture of it.


  1. Does this story remind you of anything? What?
  2. Compare Thelonious and Babs. Who is the better beaver? Why do you think so?


  1. How would you feel if you were Thelonious? Babs? Pa Beaver?
  2. What would happen in your family if you didn’t help out with a chore?


  1. What does Thelonious teach his family and neighbors?
  2. How are you like Thelonious? How are you different?

Across the Curriculum:
Projects for Get Busy Beaver! By Carolyn Crimi
Illustrated by Janie Bynum

Language Arts:

Pretend you are a journalist for the local Beaver News. Write interview questions for Thelonious about his creation, and then answer them how you think he would. You can add a “photograph” (a picture of your own making) to go with your article. Don’t forget to set it up like a real newspaper piece with a title, byline and your neatest printing.


Busy Beaver Word Problems:

1. If it takes 100 trees to make a terrific dam, and the family can cut 20 trees each day, how many days will it be before the dam is completed?

2. If Pa, Ma, Babs and Thelonious each can cut two trees in an hour, how many hours will it take to cut 16 trees?  How many more hours if Thelonious doesn’t help?

3. Pa and Ma Beaver cut 25 trees. Unfortunately 11 of them are rotten and won’t be able to be used. How many trees are ready for the dam?

4. Thelonious needs 100 daisies, 50 roses, and 75 tulips for his newest design. How many flowers will he need in all?

5. Both beaver families decide to make a giant project together. It calls for 600 trees. With six people working equally how many trees will each of them have to cut?


Using materials from your own backyard, create a sculpture that Thelonious would be excited to see! You can use any materials you like to hold it together, and be sure to put it in a box or other safe container for transport.


Sing this song to “Wheels on the Bus”

The beavers on the dam say go go go
go go go
Up and down the river.

The beavers on the dam say now, now now…
The beavers on the dam say fast, fast fast….


Visit this website to learn more about beavers:

Wildlife conservation

coloring page, too