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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jake Riley Irreparably Damaged

Teacher’s Guide for
Jake Riley Irreparably Damaged
By Rebecca Fjelland Davis

Prediction Guide:

Answer these questions as you read- remember that there are no “right” answers- only guesses based on the story. Predicting as you read is a skill that good readers do automatically. To improve your own comprehension you might try making up a question and answer of your own at the end of each chapter.

Chapter 1
  1. Will Jake be aggressive toward Lainey again?
  2. Do you think that it was more than just a fight that got Jake in trouble? Why or why not?

Chapter 2
  1. Will Lainey’s mom become concerned over Jake? Would your mom?
  2. Will Jake and Lainey stay friends?

Chapter 3
  1. Will Lainey tell anyone what happened? If so, who?
  2. What will Jake try next?

Chapter 4
  1. What will happen with happen with the Haiku? Will Jake see them?
  2. Will Lainey tell her friends what he showed her?

Chapter 5
  1. What will happen next?
  2. Will Lainey ever tell her mom what really happened with Jake? Why or why not.

Chapter 6
1. Will Lainey keep her allegiance to Jake at school?
2. Will Jake “turn over a new leaf” or not?

Chapter 7
  1. Will Lainey take good care of the calves?
  2. Will Jake end up in big trouble again?

Chapter 8
  1. What will Lainey learn from taking care of the calves?
  2. Will Jake help her with the task? Will she want him to?

Chapter 9
  1. Will Lainey go to the dance?
  2. Will Amy be mad at her?

Chapter 10
  1. Will Lainey’s mom ever recognize Jake as someone to be afraid of?
  2. Will Lainey still decide to go to the dance?

Chapter 11
  1. Will she tell what happened in the barn?
  2. Will Jake end up back in detention or are his threats real?

Chapter 12
  1. Which adult will figure out what happened?
  2. Will the kids at school tease Lainey? Jake?

Chapter 13
  1. Will the lunchroom scene set Jake off again?
  2. Will he hurt Lainey again?

Chapter 14
  1. What will happen between Jailene and Peter?
  2. Is Arcadia really a drunk?

Chapter 15
  1. Will Lainey tell her dad about Jake’s past in Eldora?
  2. What will he say if she does?

Chapter 16
  1. Is Jailene pregnant?
  2. What will Jake do next?

Chapter 17
  1. Do you think Jake will really try to kill her? When? How?
  2. Will Lainey write down what happened and turn it in?

Chapter 18
  1. Will Lainey end up at Arcadia’s house?
  2. Will Jake attack her in the barn?

Chapter 19
  1. Will Jake go back to residential treatment?
  2. Will Lainey stand up for him again?

Chapter 20
  1. Who called?
  2. Is Lainey overreacting?

Chapter 21
  1. Will Jake stay away?
  2. What will happen to Lainey?

Discussion Questions

  1. How do you think the setting contributed to story?
  2. How would you describe Jake? How about Lainey?
  3. What did you feel were the key events or turning points to the story?
  4. What surprised you?
  5. How are adults depicted in this novel? Give examples to support your conclusion.
  6. How would his book have differed if written through Jake’s eyes?
  7. Would you have behaved similarly to Lainey or differently? How so?
  8. What do you do when you like someone, or at least see the good in someone--that you might be able to help--at risk to yourself?
  9. Which scene was the best written? Why?
  10. Lainey finds herself physically aroused by Jake at times but also repulsed by him. What do you think is important for teenagers to know about these conflicting feelings?

Multiple Intelligence Projects
for Jake Riley Irreparably Damaged
By Rebecca Fjelland Davis


Write letters from Jake and Lainey. It could be before the opening of the book, during the main events, or after the closing of the story. Convince the reader that you’ve gotten into the minds of these characters. Write at least two letters from each.


Study the crime statistics for your city or town. Make a graph out of the information that you might see published in a newspaper. Find out what percentage of the crimes committed are acts by juveniles.
Research the recidivism rates of juvenile delinquents. Try to find out if their crimes tend to escalate over time or whether anything (education, therapy, etc.) makes a difference in troubled teens’ lives.

Visual/ Spatial
File folder art:
Put your name in the tab part of a standard file folder. On the inside, create a collage that best represents your life. You can use regular photographs, pictures from magazines, tickets or anything else that inspires you.

Jake is missing some clues when it comes to understanding people’s body language and their intentions. Play charades with the following scenes and the audience can guess what the person means by their nonverbal clues.

Go away
I’m bored
You’re bugging me!
He is so HOT!
Leave me alone.
Hates being here
Doesn’t feel great
Just broke up with someone

Find three songs you think would work well for the soundtrack to Jake Riley. Include a copy of the lyrics and a short journal about why you picked them.

Cooperative Learning
In groups of no more than four, pretend that you are in charge of an entire dance (like homecoming, ring dance or prom). Brainstorm a list of all the tasks that must be accomplished for such a big event and then divvy them up between you. Discuss who would be best suited for which kinds of tasks (and why) and be sure that everyone has an equal amount of work to do. Turn in all your notes brainstorm to show how well you worked together. Individually turn in a brief journal about what you learned about this process.

Finish the following sentences in a private journal (you do not have to turn this in!) But you will have to show folded pages written that are filled!

If someone ever threatened me I would…
I absolutely would not put up with…
One thing I would never let a boyfriend/girlfriend do is…
I hate it when guys/girls act like…
I’d definitely tell my parents if…
My best friend would be the first to know…