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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jamboree Day

Jamboree Day by Rhonda Gowler Greene
Illustrated by Jason Wolff
What is a jamboree? Where do you think this story will take place? Who do you think will tell the story?
1. List all the animals that come to the Jamboree.
2. Who was the first to arrive?
1. Describe what the animals do on Jamboree day.
2. What are the key events to Jamboree day?
1. Decide who you think has the most fun at Jamboree. Support your decision.
2. What would be your ideas for a jamboree day for you and your friends? What kinds of things would you like to do?
1. Compare the animals that come to Jamboree. How are they alike? How are they different?
2. Survey the attendants. Which animals enjoyed the boating? Who the entertainment?
1. What would happen if a group of humans came upon the Jamboree? What do you think the animals would do?
2. Invent another reason the animals might get together. What kinds of activities will be there?
1. Predict what happens after the end of the book.
2. Decide which picture is your favorite. Explain why.
3. Decide which rhyme is your favorite. Explain why.

Multiple Intelligence Projects for
Jamboree Day
by Rhonda Gowler Greene
Illustrated by Jason Wolff
Verbal/ Linguistic
The synonyms listed for a Jamboree in The Synonym Finder by J. I. Rodale are:
festival, fete, carnival, jubilee, celebration, festivity, party, merriment, bash, wingding, rally, roundup, etc.
Find at least three words inside the text of Jamboree day and look up the synonyms for it. Then, look up the definitions for three of those words and try to describe the differences between the words you chose. Look for subtle differences between the meanings. Draw pictures or other clues to help you remember the differences.
Logical/ Mathematical:
How many animals come to Jamboree day?
How many of them are mammals?
How many are cold-blooded animals?
How many are natural enemies?
Can you create a food chain based on the animals that attended?
If you have a recipe that makes two gallons of coconut milk, and each person gets 8 ounces, how many times will you have to make it?
If each banana split has two whole bananas in it, how many will you need to buy for the jamboree? What if each split only has one?
Visual/ Spatial:
Using play-doh or some other sculpting materials, create your favorite scene from the book!
My favorite recipe:
Mix the following in a bowl.
2 c. flour
1/2 c. salt
1 T. Alum OR Cream of Tarter
3 T. oil
Mix in 2 cups boiling water (with food coloring in water).
Keeps for months in a plastic container with one damp paper
Body/ Kinesthetic:
Pretend you are the different animals from Jamboree day, then play the limbo!
Musical/ Rhythmic:
Sing this Jungle song:
I’ve been working in the Rainforest
sung to the tune: "I've been working on the railroad"
I've been working in the rainforest,
All among the trees.
I've been working in the rainforest,
where I saw the bats and bees.
Parrots, butterflies and toucans,
Monkeys and hummingbirds galore,
Frogs and snakes and spotted leopards
on the rainforest floor!
I've been working in the rainforest,
all among the green.
I've been working in the rainforest,
where the plant life must be seen!
Ferns and mosses and lianas,
Orchids and honeysuckle, too.
Oh, how special is the rainforest,
a magic place come true!
by: Meish Goldish
Listen to a jungle song:
Pretend you are going to have a Jamboree celebration at school. Create invitations and decide whom you would like to celebrate your jungle themed party. Decide, too, what snacks should be provided and what games you could play. Invite another class over for your very own Jungle Jamboree!
After the party is over, send thank you notes (sample ones on following page) to parents and teachers who made the party such a success. Think about what went really well, what was your favorite part, and what you might change if you could for next time in a journal.
* Notes can be folded in half to make cards