Cousins of Clouds

Cousins of Clouds
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

King of the Skies

Teacher’s Guide
King of the Skies by Rukhsana Khan

1. What does the boy mean when he says, “I can’t walk and I can’t run. But I can fly.”
2. Who are the major characters in the story?
1. Why is the day of Basunt so important to the boy?
2. Describe how his sister helps him with the kites.
1. Describe the steps you would take to build a kite to compete with his at next year’s celebration.
1. Does the bully’s kite match the bully? Does the boys kite match him too?
2. Who is nicer to each other, the sister to the brother, or the brother to the sister? Why?
1. Imagine if the Bully had taken down his kite, what would the boy have done?
2. How would you feel if you were the boy?
1. Predict what the Bully will say to the boy the next time he sees him.
2. What do you think happens next year at the celebration of Basunt?

Multiple Intelligence Projects:
King of the Skies by Rukhsana Khan

Verbal/ Linguistic:
In your own words define these words: Basunt, Guddi Chore, ghee, advantage, scythe, parapet. Draw a picture representing each.
Logical/ Mathematical:
Design a kite for height and speed.
Visual/ Spatial:
On a large diamond, design a kite that would best represent you.
Body/ Kinesthetic:
With pairs mime the entire story told in King of the Skies.
Musical/ Rhythmic:
Using the first page, tap out the rhythm of the words on your legs as the teacher reads them.
The girl on the ground never says a word yet we know how she feels. Pretend you are her and tell your partner the story that girl went home and told to her own mother.
As you reread the story write down all the feelings that each person would have felt throughout the tale.
Girl on street: disappointment, sadness, surprise, joy, excitement