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Cousins of Clouds
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Muslim Child

Teacher’s Guide
for Muslim Child by Rukhsana Khan

1. Identify the core teaching of Islam represented in each story.
2. Describe the differences between Moslem and Moslim.
1. Retell the story of Azeeza’s First Fast in your own words.
2. Why was the Year of the Elephant important to the people of Islam?
3. Explain why Muslims do not celebrate Halloween.
1. If you were to invite an Islamic friend for your birthday, what types of things should you keep in mind to respect his religion?
2. What might be some traditional foods he would like?
1. Compare the Festival of Charity (Eid-ul-Fitr) to one your family celebrates each year.
2. What are the reasons for fasting during Ramadan?
1. What would be the biggest change in your daily life if you were Muslim?
2. In Samosas, Ahmad finds a coin worth a great deal but he returns it. Imagine what would have happened if he hadn’t.
1. Can you list three new things you learned after reading this book?
2. What was the most interesting fact that you learned?
3. Could you write a book like this which explains the parts of your own beliefs?
4. Which story was your favorite? Why?
Multiple Intelligence Projects
 for Muslim Child by Rukhsana Khan

Verbal Linguistic:
Find ten new words in the text and write down their meaning, and a picture to help you remember it.
Logical/ Mathematical:
Zakaat is charity that Muslims give to the poor and needy. It is calculated by giving 2.5% of their savings. Figure out how much that would be of your allowance (if you have one or the one you wish you had!). Figure out how much that would be for someone who works in the field you hope to be in one day. For example: An average police officer in the United States makes approximately $40,000 a year. How much would an officer need to give for Zakaat? (answer: $ 1,000)
Visual/ Spatial
Choose one of the poems in the book and draw, paint or sculpt a piece of art to go with it.
Invent some sign language that a Muslim mother could use with her child to remind her of the different laws of Islam. (For example: Pretending to wash her hands before making a sign for prayer)
Musical/ Rhythmic:
In Lost at Hajj, Bilal is hopelessly lost in the mighty seas of people celebrating their pilgrimage to Mecca. Write lyrics (the words to a song) to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb about his story. You may need to write more than one verse.
Pretend that you are a new student in your school and you just happened to be Muslim. Write a journal response as to what your first day was like. Explain how you can help other to understand you.
Choose one of the stories and write an emotional outline of what happened. Describe how the main character feels in the beginning of the story, how they feel in the middle and in the end. Explain how they have changed because of what happened.