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Cousins of Clouds
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Not So Terrible Time at the Hippie Hotel

My Not So Terrible Time at the Hippie Hotel
By Rosemary Graham

What do you think is a hippie hotel? What might be its purpose? Would you want to go to one? Why or why not?

Questions to consider:

  1. Why are the Forresters’ going to Farnsworth House? If you were in Tracy’s situation would you want to spend your vacation there?
  2. Describe the other families who are also staying at Farnsworth House.
  3. Which of the official outings sounded most interesting to you? Have you ever visited any of these locations yourself? If Farnsworth House were located in your town where would you take guests?
  4. What does Tracy use to make herself feel better? Have you ever done this? Did it actually help? Do you think she’ll change her behavior or not? What other things do people do to stuff down their emotions?
  5. Tracy is a self-defined “watcher” and eavesdropper. How would you describe yourself? Do you over-analyze your words before you speak or can you be more spontaneous like Kelsey?
  6. Why is Beka so angry? What things does she do that alienates her from the other teens and her mom?
  7. Describe the skaters. How are they more than what they seem to be? Would you like to hang out with them?
  8. Describe Kelsey. What does Tracy learn from her?
  9. Why is Tracy boycotting her piano lessons? Is she getting what she wants by doing this?
  10. What does Tracy do for herself that finally makes her feel better? What things do you do when you want to get yourself put back together?


Create a soundtrack for the movie version of Hippie Hotel. In a brief journal explain why you made these choices.

Create a piece of art you think would look great on the walls of Farsnworth House.

Design Farnsworth House using graph paper. Lay out the downstairs, upstairs and attic spaces. Be sure to add details from the grounds.

Language Arts:
Write four letters between two of the characters after the book closes. It can be from Kelsey to Tracy or Kevin and Tracy or any other combination you prefer.

Create a character chart including the following information: character name, age, hometown, and a description.

Plan a family vacation with a budget of 3,000 dollars for a family of three or four. You must think about travel expenses (flight or gas), lodging, meals and entertainment. Create a brochure to hand in that details all of your plans.

Social Studies:
Research these issues on divorce:

history of divorce
divorce and religion
the effects of divorce on children
economics and divorce