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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nate by Night

Teacher Guide for
Nate by Night by Jessica Swaim
Illustrated by Helen O’Dea


  1. Who lives with Nate?
  2. Make a list of the things Nate has trouble with at school and home.


  1. Describe Nate.
  2. Retell the important parts of the story.


  1. What can you learn from Nate?
  2. How could you help a boy like Nate?


  1. Which part of the book is your favorite?
  2. What is your favorite line? What is your favorite picture? Why?


  1. What would happen if you spelled your name wrong in front of your whole class? How would you get over it?
  2. How about if you tripped in gym class?


  1. What do you think happens after the book is over?
  2. What did you learn from Nate?

Multiple Intelligence projects for
Nate by Night by Jessica Swaim
Illustrated by Helen O’Dea

Verbal/ Linguistic:

Using the letters of his name, create an acrostic poem about Nate McTate! Be sure to use details from the book. Then, write one about yourself.

Logical/ Mathematical

Fill in the chart below about imagery in Nate by Night

Visual/ Spatial

Using a shoe box, create a diorama (or scene) from Nate by Night. Try to use only materials from around the house to build your scene, and don’t forget about the most important tool for an artist: color!


Play Nate charades. Choose a scene in the book, and with only your body (no words, please) try to get your friends to guess which scene you are in.

Musical/ Rhythmic

and create a musical accompaniment for your favorite scene. Play it for someone, or create a new one for another scene.


Look through the whole book, but don’t read any of the words. Instead, try to imagine what each character is thinking just from looking at the pictures. This is called “intuiting others’ feelings” it’s just a fancy way of saying you understand how someone feels without them having to tell you. As a group, make a list of clues that help you  figure out what someone is feeling.


Fill out this story pyramid about yourself:

____________ Story Pyramid
1. ____________
2. ___________________
4. _________________________________
5. ________________________________________
6. _______________________________________________
7. _____________________________________________________


In the blank lines above, write the information for the following:
1. Your full name
2. Two words that describe you
3. Three words to describe where you live
4. Four words that describe your roles in life ex. sister, student
5. Five words describing what you don’t like
6. Six adjectives describing what you love to do
7. Seven verbs describing what you do (dancing, laughing)
8. Eight words that sum you up
( ex: A boy who loves to read and play)
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Imagery Chart

for Nate by Night by Jessica Swaim

Imagery is words that are picked because they use your senses to make something come to life. Writers use it all the time. Find examples from Nate by Night that appeal to your senses. Write the phrases that appeal to each sense next to its picture.

Click To DownloadExample: a plain white house

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