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Cousins of Clouds
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Place for Joey

Teacher’s Guide
A Place for Joey by Carol Flynn Harris
1. What hints are given about the time period of the book in the first couple of chapters?
2. Identify all the major characters and how they are related
1. Explain why Joey wants to get a job instead of go to school.
2. Describe Joey’s neighborhood
1. How can you tell who’s first language is Italian when in the book most words are written in English?
2. Will hooking from school (skipping) really help Joey reach his goals? Why or why not?
1. What kinds of jobs can an immigrant have? Why?
2. Why does Mama want a farm so badly?
1. How would you feel if you were in Joey’s situation? Would you make the same choices? Why or why not.
2. After the accident, Joey is shook up by what happened. What does he do to calm himself down? What would you do?
1. Do you think Joey will like living in Watertown?
2. What is Joey’s dream? Why is it, like Mama said, “ a big, big dream”? Would it be harder or easier to achieve that dream today?
Prediction Guide for A Place for Joey
(Guides student comprehension without giving the story away!)
Look at the cover, and just by reading the title what do you think the story is about? What makes you think so?
Chapters 1-3
1. Why do you think Joey doesn’t want to be called Giuseppe?
2. Why is Joey looking for a job?
3. What does “Dai Scorri” mean?
4. Will Joey ever speak Italian again?
Chapters 4-6
1. Do you think Mama will learn to speak English as well as Joey? Why or why not? What about Rosa?
2. Will Joey go with his family to Watertown?
3. Will Joey be afraid of Red the next time he sees him? Why?
4. What do you think happened to the light-haired girl? What will Joey’s mother say about him?
Chapters 7-10
1.Will Joey be able to save the policeman’s life?
2.What will Joey’s mom do when she finds out what he was doing down by the tank?
3. Will Joey feel differently about the police from now on? Will the policeman feel differently about him?
4. What do you think changes Joey’s mind about moving to Watertown?
5. Will Joey reach his big dream someday? What makes you think so?
Multiple Intelligence Projects for A Place for Joey
Verbal/ Linguistic
Write questions that you would ask an immigrant to your country about their old life. Be sure the questions are specific and respectful of their culture. If possible, try to find someone to interview.
Logical/ Mathematical
During this time period, after the Great War, things cost a lot less. Find out how much these common items cost during that time: a loaf of bread, a pound of ground beef, milk, and a notebook of paper. Calculate the difference between today’s prices.
Visual/ Spatial
Choose a scene of the book to illustrate. You can use any media you wish, including magazines to create a collage.
Body/ Kinesthetic
Act out the scene that Joey tells his father and big brother what happened down by the tank. Be sure to remember how serious an event it was.
Musical/ Rhythmic
Pretend that you are the sound director for the movie adaptation of this book. Make a list of at least ten items long that you would need for special effects and bringing the time period to life. Using a tape recorder and common household objects, try to recreate those sounds.
Write a letter to the author explaining what you liked best about the book. Be specific. Mention characters, scenes and events that really brought you inside the story.
Reread chapter 10, and as you read keep a notecard with you. As you read along write down any memories or ideas that occur to you as you read. Don’t negate any ideas, just make a running list. Then, write a brief journal about one of the things on the list. Were you surprised by what you came up with? Remember this technique when you’re stuck for something to write about!