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Cousins of Clouds
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Soul Moon Soup

Soul Moon Soup
By Lindsay Lee Johnson

Prediction Guide:

What do you think it would be like to be homeless? What would be the hardest part?

After reading “Secrets of the Shelter”
  1. Will Phoebe’s art become more or less important to her? What makes you think so?
  2. Will she be able to keep their homelessness a secret?

After reading “The Last Burden Falls Away”
  1. Will Phoebe’s mom come for her?
  2. If she does, will Phoebe want to go?

After reading “Life at Ruby’s Place”
  1. Will Phoebe run away to find her mom? Why or why not?
  2. Will grandma’s house become her real home?

After reading “Fancy Little Something”
  1. What happened to Gran? Will she live?
  2. What will happen between Phoebe and her mom? Mom and Gran?

After the ending:
  1. What will happen to Phoebe?
  2. In five years what will her life be like?


Comprehension Guide for
Soul Moon Soup
By Lindsay Lee Johnson

  1. Why does Phoebe’s mom want her to keep their homelessness a secret?
  2. Describe how Phoebe and her mom get by in the city.

  1. Why do you think Phoebe’s mom doesn’t dismisses her drawings as doodles?
  2. How do secrets play a major part of the plot twists?

  1. Write a poem about yourself and how you were named.
  2. In a triple Venn diagram compare Phoebe, Mom, and Gran.

  1. Would you have reacted the same way as Phoebe to Gram’s secret about the past? Why or why not?
  2. Do you think any of these things were symbols: suitcase, birthday cake, lock of hair? How?

  1. What is your favorite poem in the book? Why?
  2. Find at least three examples of simile. How do they help you understand the tone of the poem?

  1. Which poem is your favorite? Why?
  2. Which character is your favorite? Why?

Discussion Guide for
Soul Moon Soup
By: Lindsay Lee Johnson

Use these questions to help guide literature circles or other group discussions:

1. What do you think is the meaning of the title? What makes you believe this?
2. How is hope an important element in the book? Give examples of when you think people lose hope (and its consequences) and the results when they gain it again.
3. Who shows hope in the story? Mama? Gram? Daddy?
4. Do you think hope is necessary for survival?
5. Though Phoebe’s father didn’t provide a home, did he give her anything else? What?
6. How does she feel about her father? How would you feel about him?
7. What do you think the author wanted you to take away from reading this novel?
8. Why do you think she chose to tell the story in free verse rather than a more traditional format?
9. How does the author show both good and bad qualities of all her characters? How does this make them more real to us?
10. In six months from now what scene will you remember from Soul Moon Soup?


Across the Curriculum with
Soul Moon Soup
By Lindsay Lee Johnson

Language Arts:

Write a feature article for a newspaper about the plight of homeless youth. Find at least three reliable sources for your article and include a bibliography.

Research the price of a typical two bedroom apartment in your area and how much it costs to move in (deposits, utilities turned on, etc.). Then, figure out how long it would take an average person making minimum wage (or even up to three dollars more) to save for these initial expenses. Make a monthly budget based on what you learn.

Keep a sketchbook journal for one week. Draw and write free verse poems about the topics you choose to sketch.

Write and perform a monologue of one of the characters from the novel explaining her point of view on the past and what she dreams for her family in the future.

Find three songs you think would make good selections for the soundtrack of Soul Moon Soup- the movie. Explain why you picked these lyrics and selections in a short journal.

Research the effects of homelessness on health. Some topics you might explore: dental care, vaccinations, exposure, low birth weight, premature infants, developmental delays, nutrition.