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Cousins of Clouds
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Teacher’s Guide for

One Little Mouse by Dori Chaconas
Illustrated by LeUyen Pham


Who will this story be about? How do you know? Do you think it will have a happy ending? What makes you think so?


1. Why does Mouse want to check out of his house?
2. List all the different houses that Mouse tries.


3. Why would a nut nest be “clicky and clacky and cracky?”
4. Why would a mouse be afraid of snakes?


5. What did Mouse discover in his travels for a new home?
6. Which animals live in groups?


7. Of all the houses Mouse visits, which do you think would be the most cozy for you?
8.  Which one the least cozy? Why?


9. What would the other animals think of Mouse’s cozy house?
10. How can you categorize the animals Mouse meets? Hint: wings, mammals, legs, etc.


11. Predict what Mouse would say to his cousin about looking for a new house.
12. Can you learn anything from Mouse?

Multiple Intelligence Projects for
One Little Mouse by Dori Chaconas

Illustrated by LeUyen Pham

Verbal/ Linguistic:

Match the animals to their beds:

1.___branch for a pillow                                               A. Squirrels    
2.__ clicky, clacky, and cracky                         B. Mouse
3.___ sticking and picking and pricking             C. Snakes
4.___meadows and lakes                                             D. Possum
5.___wormish and squirmish                                         E. Cottontails
6.___upside-down dizzy                                               F. Chickadees
7.___cold logs                                                              G. Moles
8.___ clumpy, lumpy and bumpy                                   H. Frogs
9.___ bunched up and crunched up                               I. Quail
10.___ tiny and tidy                                                      J. Porcupine

How might mouse describe these other animal houses:

chipmunk, fox, fish, duck

Logical/ Mathematical:

Take a survey with the graph below asking which animal they’d most like to spend the night with. Discuss the results

Visual/ Spatial:

Using only natural materials, create a collage house out of things you find outside. Talk about what type of animal might like to live there!

Body/ Kinesthetic

Assign the parts of the animals to your friends, and then re-enact the story of One Little Mouse. Take turns being Mouse!!

Musical/ Rhythmic

Dori Chaconas, the author, uses rhyme to enhance the rhythm of the story. Find the part that you like best, and memorize it. Then, try to write a couple of lines about your favorite animals house using that same rhythm.


Pretend you’re Mouse and write one Thank You letter to one of the places you tried to stay. Remember to be gracious, even if it wasn’t very comfortable!!


Make a chart of feelings or emotions that little Mouse has during each of his bedtime adventures. Where is he scared? When is he miserable? Uncomfortable? Can you brainstorm other words to describe how Mouse feels?