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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Turk and Runt: A Thanksgiving Comedy

Teacher's Guide
Turk & Runt: A Thanksgiving Comedy 

By Lisa Wheeler
Illustrations by Frank Ansley

A Guide to celebrate the holiday with this Turkey of a family!
Crafts: Create a Turk and Runt napkin ring holder set.
wooden ice cream spoons, or craft spoons for feathers
toilet or paper towel tubes
red construction paper, cut like a turkey waddle
brown paint
orange pipe cleaners, optional
1. Paint one spoon yellow, the others a variety of feather colors
2. Cut a two inch section of tube, and paint brown
3. Glue yellow spoon to front after drawing turkey face, and gluing on red waddle
4. Glue feathers to back, decorate with feather markings
5. Use marker to add accessories to look like Runt’s family: glasses, hats, football etc.
(For a project on the cheap or with stuff around the house, just cut the feathers out of construction paper!)
Family Treasure Hunt:
Ask guests to tell you one interesting thing about themselves before the celebration. Then hand out a treasure hunt of interesting facts and have the kids and other guests try to find the answers throughout the day. The only catch: nobody can ask a direct question. They can use none of the words that are listed to get the information. The first person to crack the clues correctly gets a special treat. (Younger kids can be paired up with an older sib)
For example:
___________________went skydiving her first year in college. (They can’t say: skydiving, first year of college when asking for the info!)
Game: Turkey Trot
Pair up! Link arms and race to a finish line. What’s the catch? You’ve got to carry your turkey (a stuffed grocery bag, tied with string and decorated like your favorite Turk and runt character). Get gobbling!!
Dinner Theater:
Print out the pages at: to create paper bag puppets for all the characters. Then, hide behind the couch and put on your own presentation of this Thanksgiving comedy! You’ll need the print outs, scissors, paper lunch bags, glue, crayons and markers, and a variety of voices!!
*** the mouth section goes underneath the flap of the paper bag, so that it looks like the animal or person is talking!****
Play I-Spy with the Turk and Runt book:
What letter creates the doors of the barn?
What does the pig use to drink out of the trough?
How many apples are left on the tree?
What type of dog does Madame Waddelle have?
Which three characters show their teeth?
What shape is the ring that one character wears?
What’s the name of the football team?
Which direction is the weather vane pointing?
How many different animals live on Wishbone farm?
What tool leans against the barn?
Is there outgoing mail?
Questions for Standardized test lovers:
1. Who are the main characters in this story?
2. Define the conflict (or for younger readers: problem) in the story.
1. Retell the events of the story in your own words.
2. Explain why you think no one ever listens to Runt.
1. What would you do to convince them if you were Runt?
2. Illustrate your favorite scene in the book.
1. Compare the three villains: Madame Waddelle, The Coach, The Little Old Lady
1. Design another clever plan for our friends to avoid complications next Thanksgiving.
2. Create another disguise for our Turkey friends.
1. Who is your favorite family member? Why?
2. Which page of illustrations is your favorite? Why?