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Cousins of Clouds
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yum! Yuck!

Yum Yuck
By Julia Durango & Linda Sue Park
Illustrated by Sue Rama

When something tastes good what do you say? What about if you think it tastes stinky? Do you think kids all over the world use these same words?  What sound do we make when we sneeze? Is it the same around the world too?

Let’s talk about it!
  1. Which word was your favorite from the book?
  2. Did you ever think about other languages having such interesting sounds before? (Who would think that sneezing would have so many different sounds?!)
  3. Which was the most difficult one to guess?
  4. Brainstorm a list of other scenes that go with these words: yum, Ha-ha! Yikes, Ah-choo, yuck, Boo-hoo, wow!,
  5. Can you think of synonyms for any of these words?
  6. Which illustration is your favorite? Why?
After reading the author’s note answer the following questions:
  1. Why did the authors write the words the way they sounded but not they way they were spelled in other languages?
  2. How does your family pronounce these words: tomato, potato, aunt, caramel,  February, herb. Why do you think all these English words are pronounced so differently? What does it tell us about language and where we live?
  3. What other language would you most like to learn how to speak?
  4. Why do some countries have more than one language?


Language arts:
Research ten common words (or phrases) from a language you would like to learn. Have children draw a picture representing that word or phrase and then post the language and its translation below it.

On a world map identify the countries from where the languages originate in the book.

Find pictures in magazines, newspapers and other media that show the same expressions as the words in the book. Or, find or create pictures that would make someone say those words!

Sing this song to the tune “If you’re happy and you know it”
If it tastes good in Germany say Keckah!
If it tastes good in Denmark say Nam-nam!
If it tastes really good and you really want to say it
If it tastes really good in Iran say Bah-Bah!

If it’s funny in Korea say Hee-hee-hee
If it’s funny in Poland say Hi! Hi! Hi!
If it really is funny and you really want to say it
If it’s funny in China say Huh! -huh!

If there’s a boo-boo in Yoruba say Oh-gah!
If there’s a boo-boo in Japan say Oo-wah!
If there’s a really big boo boo and you really want to say it
If there’s a boo boo in Spain then say  !Ay!

As a class, create the other verses!

Play charades where the children act out the words from the book.